Management of Funds Raised Through Crowdfunding Efforts


Crowdfunding” is the practice of raising funds via the internet, through web sites designed for that purpose. When the amount of funds raised is large, certain legal issues can arise involving the management and use of funds, particularly when the total funding exceeds the amount needed to accomplish the stated goal. The committee is drafting an act to address these issues.

Committee Members

Terry J. Care Chair
Levi J. Benton Member
Turney P. Berry Member
Larry T. Garvin Member
Martin W. Healy Member
Steven N. Leitess Member
Kimberly Lowe Member
Cassandra Robertson Member
James P. Spica Member
Kevin P.H. Sumida Member
David S. Walker Member
Anthony Wendtland Member
Cam Ward Division F Chair Member
Karen E. Boxx Reporter
Michael Neus ABA Advisor
Mary Elizabeth Anderson ABA Section Advisor
Benjamin Orzeske Staff Liaison